UNLEASH supports your employees in bringing out their best self through positive psychology. 

Research in positive psychology shows that there is a strong connection between employees’ ability to use their strengths at work and their engagement levels.

Engaged employees are more productive. They can drive 37% higher sales (Shawn Achor, 2011), 33% higher profitability (Galup, 2018) and 300% more innovation (HBR) and have fewer safety incidents. They are also 59% less likely to leave (Gallup, 2017).

UNLEASH enables employees to tap into their signature strengths via reflected best self surveys, bespoke workshops, digital micro modular content, self-assessments and reflection moments. At UNLEASH we help employees and leaders discover who they are at their best, how to leverage those strengths to better shape their work and leverage the myriad of positive outcomes that follow. 

“The goal is not to change who you are, but to become more of who you are at your best.”  Sally Hogshead

The research evidence

Business unit performance is driven by engaged employees, yet 85% of the global workforce is not actively engaged (Gallup, 2017). Scores of studies indicate that there is a strong connection between employees’ strengths and their resulting engagement level at work (Roberts, Dutton, Spreitzer, Heaphy & Quinn, 2005). Organizations can help employees activate their best self by encouraging self-reflection, facilitating praise and gratitude moments among groups and departments and making use of their strengths at least once a day (Kauffman, 2006).

UNLEASH for companies

Companies that UNLEASH a highly engaged workforce have dramatic uplifts across essential indicators.

UNLEASH for employees

Employees that UNLEASH their best self are healthier, happier and more efficient at work.

How it works


Easily enroll people in Unleash

Users can be uploaded in bulk and audiences defined. An email introduces the world of best self and positive psychology to the user.

Invite to best self reflection and nominations

User is asked to reflect on their best self, as well as identify 3-7 colleagues to provide feedback on when she performed at her best.

Draw actionable insights

User receives a comprehensive report compiling colleagues’ feedback and the self evaluation. Then is asked to identify her strengths from a predefined list and reflect on how she can bring them forward every day.
Webinars & live classes

Harness expert knowledge

User has the option to participate in a live webinar with experts in the field or receive a set of micro modular content detailing the science behind positive psychology.

Keep users engaged and mindful

A weekly notification prompts the user to self assess on the level she brought her strengths forward as well as reflect on how she could do that more often.
Expert knowledge

Make learning continuous

Continuous nudges prompt user to engage with various learning resources on positive psychology.
Bespoke content

Monitor users’ journey

Insightful analytics reports show a detailed view of each user’s and group’s best self activation journey.