A Library of Highly Actionable Training for the Doers in Your Company

Moonstar develops fresh, interactive and impactful content across a variety of disciplines. Our micro-modular content and blended learning technique ensure learners are highly engaged and can quickly put to work what they have learned.



Offer first-time or experienced managers the skills they need to lead successfully.

Soft skills

Develop the emotional intelligence needed to work in a team and communicate effectively.



Boost your teams' productivity via practical online and hands-on trainings.

Customer service

Understand what extraordinary service is all about and how you can implement it.


Build loyalty with new team members early on through a gamified onboarding experience.

& More

We develop customized training content for your organization’s needs.


Discover Actionable Learning Experiences

Engage your learners in relevant training, easily accessible across all devices.

Practice Your Newly Developed Skills

The Moonstar blended learning approach means that learners are regularly challenged to put into practice what they learned by engaging their team in actual work projects. Moonstar instructors offer timely feedback on the learners’ endeavors and can interact live via coaching sessions.

  • We chose Moonstar and the blended learning micro modular approach through which our colleagues could access the theory in Moonstar’s digital platform anytime, anywhere, on their mobile phones. We then brought them to a classroom setting to embed the learning, reducing total classroom time to a third.
    Roccos C., CEO of a leading 250-staff bakery and coffee chain
  • With other suppliers, we were just one of thousands of clients, so if we had a request, it would obviously get nowhere. But this year, since we’ve been using Moonstar, the team offered their support whenever we needed to get things done, and the initiative has become much more bespoke to what I wanted and to what the teachers at Transylvania College wanted.
  • I loved learning with Moonstar. The step-by-step trainings on how to develop as a first time manager covered everything from how to structure my work in the first sixty days, to how to build rapport with my team and successfully set goals that are relevant for us and for the company. I feel now I have the knowledge and self-confidence to engage in ambitious work.
    Dan O., Head of Marketing at a multinational search-engine company
  • Moonstar helped us deliver better quality and more relevant training at scale. The impact on our first-time managers was noticeable within the first week. The challenges embedded in the platform through which they had to apply the concepts in real life were highly valuable. Moreover, the Moonstar platform is superbly designed with the user in mind. I highly recommend it.


Offer your people learning that is exciting, interactive and impactful.