Highly engaged employees are the main engine behind your company’s performance. People’s experience at work is made up by countless micro-moments that build your company culture. But with only 42% of the global workforce feeling good about its daily experiences at work and 85% feeling disengaged, what type of culture are you building? And how does this affect their performance?

Craft a culture that people love to unleash the true potential of your employees and business. Highly performing cultures drive significantly more innovation, productivity, performance and profitability.

Moonstar enables you to engage with your people and build meaningful micro-experiences for them. 

From day one. Anywhere they are.

Retention +87%

An increase in employee engagement
leads to a corresponding increase in
retention by up to 87%.

Performance +202%

Companies with an engaged workforce
outperform those without by up to 202%.
Dale Carnegie

Discover the features that help build your culture and performance moment by moment. 

Engaging Internal Communication

Reach and engage your employees anytime, anywhere

Moonstar makes internal communication simple and engaging for everyone in your company. Create communities of interest and keep employees informed and aligned with announcements, team updates, polls and events. Moonstar is built as a familiar social feed to drive an engaging experience.

Lively Appreciation & Recognition

Create a culture where people feel valued and appreciated

Bring out the best in your people and build a culture of engagement through public praise and lively notes of appreciation. Through Moonstar you can showcase great work across the organization and reinforce company values to boost motivation and increase performance.

Surveys & Pulse Checks

Get real time insights about what matters most to your people

Understand the health of your company’s culture and inform your actions with powerful insights to drive impact. Use regular quick pulse checks to get real time feedback. Choose from a growing library of survey templates on engagement, wellbeing, onboarding and personal growth, developed in partnership with top psychologists. Customize questions, frequency and audience to gather insights on what matters most.

Collaborative challenges

Drive innovation and engagement through group thinking and social challenges

Launch collaborative thinking initiatives and campaigns to encourage employees to live your company values and drive innovation. Encourage them to contribute their ideas to areas of improvement, collaborate on social challenges and vote on the best suggestions. Make their ideas visible across the company and reward employee engagement with badges, points and ranks to build the mindsets and behaviors that craft a unique culture.

Learning Experience Platform

Upskill your talent with insightful micro-learning content

Turn competencies into new habits and build a community of enthusiastic learners with Moonstar’s interactive Learning Experience Platform. From effective user administration and seamless course creation to meaningful micro-modular content and customized analytics reports, Moonstar’s LXP frees up your time to focus on delivering impactful learning experiences. Unlock your people’s potential and deliver measurable business results at speed and scale – anytime, anywhere.


Empower and engage new hires from day one

From pre-boarding to team introductions, Moonstar amplifies new hires’ engagement with personalized checklists and learning paths based on their role. Speed up their onboarding with an inbuilt social network and add surveys to learn what matters most to them early on.