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Have you checked-in with your team on how they’re coping with the current situation? 


Employee experience is a top priority, more so during uncertain or fast-changing times. While leaders focus on ensuring the business’ continuity and rapid repositioning, employees at all levels of the organization are the ones turning those aspirations into reality. 

One simple way to take care of your employees’ experience and support them during this time is by starting conversations around their needs and challenges. When you give your teams an avenue to voice their opinion, they feel cared for and appreciated. Consequently, they work harder to push past roadblocks and move the company forward.

Starting such conversations has never been easier!


Here is how Moonstar’s new Pulse Check can help:

We have teamed up with industrial-organizational psychologists to create a survey that helps you take your team’s pulse. You can now gather timely, relevant feedback and understand your colleagues’ perception of six key factors: crisis response, communication, leadership, business continuity, role enablement and personal well-being. 

Check out this sample of questions from the template

pulse check template

Based on your colleagues’ answers, our team of psychologists will craft your personalized report, containing:

  • An in-depth analysis of your team’s perception of the six key factors
  • Actionable strategies to respond to their needs and empower them during this time


Download the template and start crucial conversations with your team! 

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