Microlearning. Blended. Gamified.

Addressing the way Millennials learn, interact and share knowledge

Moonstar is reinventing personal and professional training experiences for the Millennial generation by bringing together microlearning content and a blended online and offline approach. Together with a gamified setting, training becomes more impactful.

Our methodology includes modern micro-modular video trainings, relevant articles, quizzes and real-life challenges to ensure an interactive and engaging learning experience. Moreover, we bring experienced international trainers to our corporate clients to go in-depth on relevant topics.

Traditional training is inefficient, costly and often out-of-context. Moonstar addresses these challenges with learning tailored to what and how Millennials learn.

Empower your people with the knowledge they need

Relevant micro-modular content developed
by expert Millennials for Millennials

Impactful learning at your fingertips

Our micro-modular content is developed by highly successful Millennials, each an expert in their own field. We then work with instructional designers to ensure that the information is transmitted into micro-modules that are current, relevant and engaging. We cover broad topics to address a wide array of learning needs.
  • Management

  • Soft skills

  • Productivity

  • Customer service

  • Onboarding

  • Customized

Take the hassle out of learning

Moonstar makes learning fun and easy. Our highly interactive and user-friendly platform is centered around providing you and your people with an engaging user experience. Easily assign videos from our library, create learning paths, upload your own content, manage in-person trainings and even hire expert trainers online.


Deliver the right content to the right people, exactly when they need it.


Upload your company - specific trainings to keep them all in one place.


Understand how your people are learning and performing.


Reach out to our database of international content-expert trainers to hire them live.
  • We chose Moonstar and the blended learning micro modular approach through which our colleagues could access the theory in Moonstar’s digital platform anytime, anywhere, on their mobile phones. We then brought them to a classroom setting to embed the learning, reducing total classroom time to a third.
    Roccos C., CEO of a leading 250-staff bakery and coffee chain
  • With other suppliers, we were just one of thousands of clients, so if we had a request, it would obviously get nowhere. But this year, since we’ve been using Moonstar, the team offered their support whenever we needed to get things done, and the initiative has become much more bespoke to what I wanted and to what the teachers at Transylvania College wanted.
  • I loved learning with Moonstar. The step-by-step trainings on how to develop as a first time manager covered everything from how to structure my work in the first sixty days, to how to build rapport with my team and successfully set goals that are relevant for us and for the company. I feel now I have the knowledge and self-confidence to engage in ambitious work.
    Dan O., Head of Marketing at a multinational search-engine company
  • Moonstar helped us deliver better quality and more relevant training at scale. The impact on our first-time managers was noticeable within the first week. The challenges embedded in the platform through which they had to apply the concepts in real life were highly valuable. Moreover, the Moonstar platform is superbly designed with the user in mind. I highly recommend it.


Offer your people learning that is exciting, interactive and impactful.