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Moonstar is reimagining the modern workplace, supporting employees in becoming more engaged, productive and motivated at work. Our platform focuses on building employee engagement and streamlining fragmented operations for distributed, ‘multi-unit’ companies. Our main goals are to increase employee retention and make people happier at work.

Many companies are still highly inefficient, and no-one has truly cracked employee engagement which leads to high turnover. Operations and employee engagement are seen as two separate things, but they’re not.

The platform builds on our team’s experience of  launching and growing a leading learning experiential platform launched in 2018, on which we already have 3,000 active users.



We are looking for someone to join us and lead front-end development. Moonstar is an extensible platform, built using the latest front-end technologies such as React, Storybook, AMP. It will be mainly accessed on mobile devices.

You will work hand in hand with our Product Manager, Head of Engineering and Founder & CEO to design our platform and continue with iterations thereafter. This is a hands-on role where you will be spending the majority of your time coding. We are looking for a person with a keen eye for design and extensive experience in SaaS and Micro Frontends. Your role will be very important in helping us capture users’ attention and build platform hooks.



  • 3+ years of experience in modern SPA development
  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React, MobX and Storybook
  • Experience with Micro Frontend architecture
  • Experience in front-end testing using Jest and acceptance testing using Cypress
  • Deeply passionate about all-things Product, with an eye for detail that matter to users
  • Willingness to listen to user feedback and go the extra mile so that the users will have the most engaging experience on the platform
  • Ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently and intelligently
  • Good understanding of core product development principles (customer-centricity, prototyping, etc)
  • Comfortable working in an environment of rapid growth and constant change, which requires resilience, flexibility and a deep sense of ownership.

We intend to grow a fully distributed, remote team, so we are open to anyone based GMT +/- 4 hours.

If you’re excited about the opportunity, we’d love to meet you. Please drop us a line with your portfolio at


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