Empower your team to succeed by providing unique, evidence-based insights into their own personality with scientifically validated personality assessments

Now more than ever, companies are faced with an unusual mix of urgency, high stakes and increasing ambiguity. To navigate the fast pace of change, you need an engaged and innovative workforce that can face challenges confidently.

Moonstar's Personality Assessments provide your team with evidence-based insights into their unique strengths, their natural tendencies and how these impact the way they work, communicate and make decisions. 

Our expert psychologists create bespoke assessments based on the gold standard of personality measurement, The Big Five model. The in-depth reporting empowers your team with the knowledge to bring out their best selves and helps you craft jobs and a culture that nudges them towards high performance.


Cultivate strengths-based leadership

Helping your team identify their unique strengths and leverage them every day allows you to tap into more employee potential.

Supercharge engagement and retention

Understanding the tendencies and personal preferences of your team helps you adapt your leadership style to cater to their individual needs, increasing engagement and preventing turnover.

Get your team future-ready with insightful and in-depth personality assessments


Get comprehensive insights into your team’s personalities

The Big Five Personality Test is the gold standard of personality assessments, a robust and scientifically reliable tool based on the most comprehensive and widely accepted model of personality. The 120-item questionnaire measures individual tendencies for five main factors: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

Our concise, digestible reporting provides insights into your team’s key personality traits and how they impact their work. Gaining a better understanding of your team’s unique strengths and areas for improvement enables you to build a culture of collaboration and empathy, achieve better alignment, and ultimately drive business excellence.


The only Uncertainty Tolerance Assessment to future-proof your team

Helping your team thrive through uncertainty starts with identifying how well they deal with it. We evaluate your team’s level of tolerance for ambiguity by looking at three key personality traits that influence their response.

Our in-depth Uncertainty Report guides your team towards understanding their default response to uncertainty and highlights actionable strategies and powerful self-reflection prompts to help them navigate ambiguity with confidence and ease.


Understand how your team's personality shapes their influence tactics

In a business setting, shaping others’ opinions and actions doesn't necessarily rely on formal authority. We enable your team to understand how their personality impacts the influence tactics they rely on, and also how susceptible they are to those tactics.

Our in-depth reporting shows their unique strengths and preferred strategies for influencing others, and enables them to increase their range of tactics and leverage those that might not come naturally through simple strategies and self-reflection moments. 


Identify your team's strengths and blind spots at the bargaining table

Whether it’s negotiating with colleagues, service providers or a potential client, dividing a pie optimally while also maintaining valuable relationships is no easy task. The Negotiation assessment provides insights into your team's strengths and blind spots in a negotiation by evaluating three key personality traits. 

Our comprehensive report reveals how your team’s personality traits impact the way they approach and enact negotiations and highlights powerful strategies to help them take a seat at the negotiation table confidently. 

Future-proof your workforce with help from Moonstar

Supercharge your team to high performance through live webinars and personalized workshops led by our organizational behavior experts. Starting from your Personality Reports and using case studies, they will help you understand how your natural tendencies impact you as both individuals and team. You will then delve deep into actionable strategies and self-reflection prompts to identify areas for improvement that can significantly impact your performance.

Leveraging this personality and behavioral data allows you to coach your team, deliver targeted learning initiatives and ultimately build their resilience.