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Learning Experience Platform Strategy

Your Learning Experience Platform represents the cornerstone of your learning and development strategy. As such, we’ll help you build the most suitable learning ecosystem for your employees, taking into consideration your brand identity, organizational architecture and learning objectives. We’ll then work together with your team to ensure Moonstar runs properly and your employees love their learning journey.

Digital Curriculum Design

Knowing your audience is crucial, so we take the necessary time to develop a deep understanding of your employees’ learning needs, existing behaviors and competencies. Then we align this knowledge with your organizational goals and complement it with best practices from bite-sized, social learning and spaced repetition to design an accessible and inclusive curriculum for your learners. No fluff, just relevant content.

Learning and Change Campaigns

If you want to change behaviors, you need to start by building awareness. Our experts in learning communication will identify the best mix of marketing tactics and internal communication to ensure that learners are aware of your learning initiatives and committed to them. Whether it’s social media, posters, videos, desk drops or kick-off workshops, we’ll make sure your learning campaign gets noticed and you can build enthusiasm around it.
  • With other suppliers, we were just one of thousands of clients, so if we had a request, it would obviously get nowhere. But since we’ve been using Moonstar, the team offered their support whenever we needed and the initiative has become much more bespoke to what I wanted and to what the teachers at Transylvania College wanted.
    Harry, Head of Professional Development @ Transylvania College