Highly engaged and productive employees are the main engine behind your company’s performance. But with so many disparate communication channels, initiatives that fall short of expectations and challenges in getting operations streamlined across locations, how can you drive performance?

Moonstar brings engagement to your workforce’s everyday tasks to increase retention and performance.

Build Employee Engagement

Give your frontline employees the digital tools they need to stay informed, engaged and well trained.

Enhance operational productivity

Streamline operations communication via task management and checklists to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Retention +87%

An increase in employee engagement
leads to a corresponding increase in
retention by up to 87%.

Performance +202%

Companies with an engaged workforce
outperform those without by up to 202%.
Dale Carnegie

Discover the features that build your employees’ engagement and drive operational productivity moment by moment

Communication & Collaboration for your frontline workforce 

Reach your frontline workforce with personalized, rich and engaging content

  • Live News Feed and Communication Channels. Target company and operations communication to any group in a digestible way. Enable staff to confirm they’ve read the messages at the touch of a button. 
  • Lively Appreciation & Recognition. Showcase great work across the company, recognize exceptional employees
  • Celebrations & Anniversaries. Publicly celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, personal milestones or recent promotions.
  • Surveys & Pulse Checks. Get real time insights about what matters most to your people and run regular pulse checks on engagement, wellbeing, onboarding and personal growth.
  • Suggestion Box. Launch a suggestion box to gather your staff’s feedback and ensure they feel they are making an impact.
  • Employee Directory. Allow your employees to personalize their profiles, show their personality, skills and hobbies, and connect with each other via a company work directory.

Digital onboarding journeys & continuous learning

Empower and engage your employees from day one to increase their retention and speed up their development

  • Onboarding journeys. Craft personalized onboarding paths to include learning, check-ins with managers, team introductions feedback surveys or appraisals.
  • Welcome new hires. Recognize new hires through social posts to ensure they feel welcomed and appreciated from day one.
  • Integration with Moonstar’s Learning Experience Platform. For a complete learning experience, integrate with our LXP and easily turn competencies into new habits to drive employees’ performance.

Enhanced operational productivity

Streamline daily processes, improve the performance of your initiatives and campaigns, and help your deskless workforce be more productive and aligned

  • Digital checklists for efficient task execution. Create clear and concise operational checklists and align your deskless workforce with minimal effort
  • Quick deployment of new initiatives and campaigns. Ensure new initiatives and campaigns are deployed accurately and on time through efficient coordination and communication.
  • Real-time insights. Gain real time overview of how initiatives and tasks are implemented across the company’s sites.