Highly engaged and productive employees are the main engine behind your company’s performance. But with a remote workforce, it is often difficult to communicate to them in real time, ensure they all have access to quality onboarding & development and feel appreciated for work well done.

Moonstar brings together company communication, learning, onboarding and engagement under one single platform. Reach your staff anywhere, anytime to show them that you care. 


Retention +87%

An increase in employee engagement
leads to a corresponding increase in
retention by up to 87%.

Performance +202%

Companies with an engaged workforce
outperform those without by up to 202%.
Dale Carnegie

Discover the features that power engagement and increase retention, under one single platform

Communication & Collaboration for your remote workforce 

Reach your remote staff with personalized, rich and engaging content

  • Live News Feed and Communication Channels. Share company news and operational communication in a digestible way. Enable staff to confirm they’ve read the messages at the touch of a button.
  • Custom audiences. Reach all teams on the ground or target specific audiences with tailored messaging.
  • Surveys & Pulse Checks. Get real time insights about what matters most to your people and run regular pulse checks on engagement, wellbeing, onboarding and personal growth.
  • Employee Directory. Allow your employees to personalize their profiles, show their personality, skills and hobbies, and connect with each other easily.

Digital onboarding journeys & continuous learning

Set new hires up for success from day one and accelerate their development

  • Onboarding journeys. Craft personalized onboarding paths that combine role-specific training with manager check-ins, team intros and surveys.
  • Social welcome. Welcome new hires through social posts to ensure they feel supported and appreciated from day one.
  • Integration with Moonstar’s Learning Experience Platform. For a complete learning experience, integrate with our LXP and easily turn complex trainings into micro-modular digital missions.


Build a culture where people feel valued and appreciated through peer-to-peer recognition

  • Lively Appreciation & Recognition. Showcase exceptional employees who go above and beyond their role, whether across the company or within an area or business unit.
  • Culture initiatives. Actively promote organizational culture by highlighting company-specific values and behaviors.
  • Celebrations & Anniversaries. Publicly celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, personal milestones or recent promotions.


Keep your remote employees with you for longer.