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Increase your remote employees' engagement and retention via integrated communication, onboarding & learning, recognition & rewards, all under one mobile platform.

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Moonstar’s integrated platform supports you in making your employees happier, more connected and more productive.

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Are you struggling to motivate and retain your top performers and efficiently manage your remote teams?

Your employees are the backbone of your business. But most companies don’t have the right tools to keep them informed, engaged and excited in the long run. This often means that high-potential employees end up feeling overwhelmed operationally, underappreciated and left in the dark when it comes to company direction and their potential for growth. Oftentimes they choose to leave.

Disengagement is highly costly

Losing a productive employee is costly given hiring, downtime, and retraining costs: it costs $9,000 to replace an employee with a $45,000 annual salary (Center for American Progress).

Company communication does not reach everyone

It's logistically complicated to keep remote employees engaged and informed about company strategy, news, opportunities, or specific initiatives, and convey messages in the right tone.

Operational communication is overwhelming

Operational communication happens on disparate channels, so initiatives are often implemented late or inefficiently.

Onboarding is inconsistent

Onboarding is often underwhelming, which means that new hires often leave in the first few months, while HR is left in the dark on the quality of people’s onboarding.

Feedback is gathered too late

75% of churn among deskless employees is preventable (workinstitute.com), but its root causes must be identified sufficiently early, which is impossible without technology. Relevant feedback is often gathered only in exit interviews, if at all.

Disengagement is highly costly
Company communication does not reach everyone
Operational communication is overwhelming
Onboarding is inconsistent
Feedback is gathered too late

The research behind employee engagement

Research shows time and again that getting employee engagement right has a significant impact on staff productivity, retention and the bottom line.

  • +89% increase in customer satisfaction (Hay Group)
  • +59% increase in retention (Deloitte)
  • +21% increase in profitability (Gallup)
  • +17% increase in productivity (Gallup)

Moonstar helps you build happier, more connected and more productive frontline employees from day one

We work with you to increase employee engagement and retention with an integrated suite of solutions that tackle the essential touchpoints in the employee journey.


Bring all company communications onto one platform and reach your employees in real time in an engaging way via a company feed and operational comms groups.

This simplifies communication for everyone, from your C-level executives and HR managers to Ops staff.

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Support your field managers by delivering onboarding journeys that combine role specific trainings with 1-1 meetings and reviews to shorten time to productivity.

This lowers early employee turnover and allows your teams on the ground to get to full productivity faster.

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Nudging & Learning

Streamline learning and make it easy and engaging for your teams to develop the skills needed. Build behaviors via Nudging in the flow of work, supporting your upskilling and company change initiatives.

This keeps your employees excited about their career opportunities and boosts their loyalty in the long term.

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Broadcast publicly each time your employees go above and beyond their role and promote values-based behaviors. This helps your managers and employees feel appreciated and know their work matters.

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See what our customers have to say about Moonstar

  • Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    We love Moonstar because it helped us connect with every single staff member across our centers in a meaningful way. Moonstar helped us facilitate conversations between employees about the activities they do in their classrooms and share them with other coworkers across the country. Thanks to the learning component, we have been able to share our curriculum content, policies and procedures dynamically and interactively. Training and employee performance have improved considerably since we started using Moonstar!
    Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    Kids & Company
  • Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    Highly recommend Moonstar! It acts as a communication platform for sharing achievements, company news, staff news and interacting with staff individually, as groups and departments on many positive levels. Great for getting a real-time idea of employee happiness and engagement and easier for management to communicate effectively.
    Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    St Giles Hotel Group
  • Cristina, L&D Specialist
    It was hard for us to bring teams together for in-classroom training. With Moonstar, our employees can log in anytime and learn at their own pace. Their content on Management Essentials and Customer Service has proven invaluable for our new middle managers team.
    Cristina, L&D Specialist
    Mega Image
  • Yan, Program Manager
    Moonstar is particularly intuitive, visually attractive and very easy to use. Our participants in the YPO London Business School Negotiation program thoroughly enjoyed the program.
    Yan, Program Manager
    Young Presidents’ Organization
  • Gary, Program Director
    Moonstar is a great tool to use for our LBS program Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders.
    Gary, Program Director
    London Business School

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