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Don’t wait to make a difference for your frontline teams! We built Moonstar to engage, train and communicate with our own teams.
And it made a big impact!

At Moonstar we know that engaged, motivated and well-trained teams are the biggest asset to any company. See how we helped our clients engage with their employees, build their capabilities and craft a more positive and inclusive culture. And discover how we can work together.

You’re in good company

  • Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    We love Moonstar because it helped us connect with every single staff member across our centers in a meaningful way. Moonstar helped us facilitate conversations between employees about the activities they do in their classrooms and share them with other coworkers across the country. Thanks to the learning component, we have been able to share our curriculum content, policies and procedures dynamically and interactively. Training and employee performance have improved considerably since we started using Moonstar!
    Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    Kids & Company
  • Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    Highly recommend Moonstar! It acts as a communication platform for sharing achievements, company news, staff news and interacting with staff individually, as groups and departments on many positive levels. Great for getting a real-time idea of employee happiness and engagement and easier for management to communicate effectively.
    Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    St Giles Hotel Group
  • Cristina, L&D Specialist
    It was hard for us to bring teams together for in-classroom training. With Moonstar, our employees can log in anytime and learn at their own pace. Their content on Management Essentials and Customer Service has proven invaluable for our new middle managers team.
    Cristina, L&D Specialist
    Mega Image
  • Yan, Program Manager
    Moonstar is particularly intuitive, visually attractive and very easy to use. Our participants in the YPO London Business School Negotiation program thoroughly enjoyed the program.
    Yan, Program Manager
    Young Presidents’ Organization
  • Gary, Program Director
    Moonstar is a great tool to use for our LBS program Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders.
    Gary, Program Director
    London Business School

Our story

My dream at Moonstar was to develop an integrated platform that actively builds employee engagement and in turn helps companies retain their staff for longer. Moonstar is the only platform targeted to mid-sized companies that brings together the three elements that most impact engagement: interactive company communication and collaboration, out of the box onboarding and training, and recognition and rewards.

I developed Moonstar to solve my own challenge of engaging and training close to 2,000 staff in the hospitality business I ran, while trying to reduce our high turnover.

We started small, testing all our ideas in house - from better onboarding programs, to coaching training for managers, to how communication should be done to engage employees and increase productivity. We learned what worked along the way, distilling all our best practices in Moonstar.

Alexandra Copos de Prada

Founder & CEO Moonstar

How Moonstar works for you

A CEO wants to build his company as a force for good, or to fulfill his childhood dream. A manager wants to leave behind her own legacy as well as a more capable and perseverent team. An employee wants to do better for himself and grow professionally. We built Moonstar to help both your business and your staff thrive. Discover how below.

Own the communication with your staff

With Moonstar’s mobile-first platform, you can onboard, connect with, train, engage and survey all your employees, regardless of whether they are on the ground or at headquarters.

We’re by your side, every step of the way

From day one to launch, we provide you with the tools and support to identify your engagement and growth objectives, get your teams excited during roll out and connect with all your staff in meaningful ways.


Launch easily, no training needed

We put our users at the heart of everything we do, which means accessibility and intuitive design are at the core of our mobile and desktop platforms, offering a great user experience.

Your platform, your brand

Moonstar’s platform is perfectly tailored to your brand, including your logo and values, so your employees carry a piece of company culture wherever they go.

Meet the team

We are a team that dreams big, genuinely loves what we do and is especially keen to solve big challenges for our clients and your teams.

Discover our principles

Learn about our guiding principles on everything from hiring the best to never stop learning.

Hire and develop the best people

In order to become great at what we do we need to recruit exceptional people with an intrinsic motivation to succeed and with the right personality to venture into the unknown. We commit to invest as much as possible into developing our team, promoting talent, teaching the right skills and building a culture of excellence.

Think of team as family

We spend significantly more time at work than we do with our families, therefore we want to make the time spent worth the effort. We aim to continue loving what we do and, for this, we believe that having the right people around us, with a positive mindset and can-do attitude, is key to building a fulfilling career and a successful company.

Think big

Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you aim to improve by 10%, you’ll only achieve incremental change. Strive for a 10x improvement to achieve radical change. “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood… Make big plans; aim high in hope and work” (Daniel Burnham, architect).

Embrace the future

The future will look very different from the present. The future is unknown even to the best of us. Embrace the future by learning about disruptive industries, new technologies and novel ways of thinking. Bring that knowledge to your team, talk about it and be ready to disrupt your business before someone else does.

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