At Moonstar we value practice more than theory. This is why our content is developed by highly successful experts, all working professionals from various industries, located around the world. We develop current, relevant and actionable content and believe that smart people with on-the-ground experience and content knowledge are best at distilling the important information.

Make your people extraordinary by offering them the most advanced learning user experience!

Microlearning. Blended. Gamified.


Millennials cherish their autonomy and independence. They want to find relevant content immediately that makes them able to grasp topics in a matter of minutes.

Moonstar’s microlearning content is structured in short, digestible and well thought out units. Micro videos of up to three minutes are mixed together with relevant articles, quizzes and real-life challenges to allow learners to quickly understand complex topics.


Traditional classroom training is expensive, time-consuming and often ineffective. Moonstar’s blended learning approach brings together high quality online microlearning with in-person and on-the-job learning to ensure learners have the highest quality of training all the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Playing games is more fun than sitting and listening to an instructor. At Moonstar we use gamification across our platform because research shows that game-based learning is active learning. Gamification makes trainings more engaging and entertaining for the learners, helps them pay attention and retain information better. It helps build a community of learners where achievements are shared thus improving collaboration between team members.

Moonstar develops state of the art, interactive and impactful content across a variety of disciplines.


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Moonstar’s highly interactive and user-friendly platform is centered around providing learners with an engaging user experience.


Deliver the right content to the right people, exactly when they need it.


Upload your company - specific trainings to keep them all in one place.


Understand how your people are learning and performing.


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