Unlock access to information for your remote & deskless teams

Reach and engage with all your employees in real time via a live company feed and operational communication groups.

You’re in good company

An integrated communication & engagement platform, right in your employees’ pockets

Communication at the fingertips of every employee

One platform for all company communications to build a strong culture

Teams on the ground usually get their information via disparate channels. But the head office has little to no visibility into who receives the messages. Switch your employees onto a fully integrated platform and reach them in real time, directly in their pockets.

Make sure your messages reach every employee

Easily share company news, messages from the management team, engagement initiatives and opportunities for growth via a live, personalized feed. Enable staff to confirm they’ve read the messages at the touch of a button.

Boost collaboration and efficiency

Channels such as WhatsApp aren’t made for the day-to-day challenges of running a multi-unit business. Groups allow your teams to keep track of conversations, respond quickly and signal the operational realities on the ground.

Build a connected community

Give a voice to everyone by encouraging employees to start conversations, comment on posts and interact with their colleagues, regardless of whether they share the same business unit or not. Measure engagement by tracking active users, posts and comments.

Tailor messages for specific audiences

Reach all your staff or target specific groups with personalized communications. Easily narrow down your audience by job roles, departments, geographic regions or business units, to make sure employees get the content that matters most to them.

See what our customers have to say about Moonstar

  • Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    We love Moonstar because it helped us connect with every single staff member across our centers in a meaningful way. Moonstar helped us facilitate conversations between employees about the activities they do in their classrooms and share them with other coworkers across the country. Thanks to the learning component, we have been able to share our curriculum content, policies and procedures dynamically and interactively. Training and employee performance have improved considerably since we started using Moonstar!
    Camila, Human Resources Assistant
    Kids & Company
  • Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    Highly recommend Moonstar! It acts as a communication platform for sharing achievements, company news, staff news and interacting with staff individually, as groups and departments on many positive levels. Great for getting a real-time idea of employee happiness and engagement and easier for management to communicate effectively.
    Abigail, Chief Executive Officer
    St Giles Hotel Group
  • Cristina, L&D Specialist
    It was hard for us to bring teams together for in-classroom training. With Moonstar, our employees can log in anytime and learn at their own pace. Their content on Management Essentials and Customer Service has proven invaluable for our new middle managers team.
    Cristina, L&D Specialist
    Mega Image
  • Yan, Program Manager
    Moonstar is particularly intuitive, visually attractive and very easy to use. Our participants in the YPO London Business School Negotiation program thoroughly enjoyed the program.
    Yan, Program Manager
    Young Presidents’ Organization
  • Gary, Program Director
    Moonstar is a great tool to use for our LBS program Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders.
    Gary, Program Director
    London Business School

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