Thrive in a distracted world

person managing distractions
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Get ready to thrive in the new normal!

Acting at the first sign of recovery is too late. Double down on your upskilling efforts with our engaging and impactful digital courses. Help your employees prepare for the future!


In a 24-hour connected world, being on autopilot becomes the norm. Increase your self-control and performance by developing the right habits for managing distractions.


In this micro-modular digital mission, learners will:

  • Discover the main culprits for broken focus and become aware of how distractions affect their performance and cognitive capacity
  • Develop four effective tactics for managing their inbox
  • Discover a five-step approach to managing their digital life
  • Learn how to stay away from interruptions and signal their unavailability
  • Learn how to turn down requests in an assertive way

There has never been a better time to start an upskilling project or empower your team with actionable and engaging learning experiences.


Get ready to thrive in

the new normal!

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