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Expert knowledge

Expert knowledge, a click away

Subject matter experts and thought leaders create highly impactful micro-modular learning content.

Our extensive research in what makes learning stick helps people put their newly acquired knowledge into practice faster.
Bespoke content

Bespoke content

We work closely with you to create relevant learning aligned to your team’s specific needs.

Our learning solutions incorporate your company-specific case studies and challenges to make learning real for your team.
Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

Our content is SCORM, AICC and xAPI compliant and can seamlessly integrate with any existing learning platform.

You can deploy our own LXP, Moonstar, or plug the courses into your existing learning platform.
Highly cost-effective

Highly cost-effective

We developed a flexible pricing model, which allows you to easily scale your learning initiatives.

You can deploy to just a few team members or to all. We make it simple for you to choose.

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Moonstar develops fresh, interactive and impactful courses that address today’s most critical organizational learning needs.
Our micro-modular content and blended learning approach ensure learners are highly engaged and can quickly put into practice what they learned.

  • The first 60 days as a manager

    If during the first 30 days you are expected to get accustomed to your new management role, after the 60-day mark your manager wants to see your first results. Gain clarity on your new responsibilities and demonstrate value early on by focusing on three key areas.
  • Prioritize for success

    Attaining peak performance starts with aiming for the right goals. Learn how to narrow down your focus and identify your goals by using the Most Important Goals (MIG) framework.
  • The FIRM Feedback

    In the absence of feedback, few improvement efforts are truly effective. Discover a simple framework to lead better feedback conversations and generate impactful, lasting change.
  • Deliver productive meetings for everyone

    Business meetings are among the top three culprits for employees’ low productivity. Learn the secret to run productive meetings and keep the participants’ attentive and engaged.
  • Manage conflicts successfully

    Studies show that we spend close to 3 hours of our work week involved in conflict. Learn how to take that time back and invest it into building trust and optimizing performance.
  • Deep work

    Your brain most likely simulates real work by focusing on shallow tasks. Empower yourself with the right habits to perform deep work and get closer to your goals.
  • Manage your To-Do list

    Keeping never ending To-Do lists tends to nurture self-worth, yet you know better that such lists don’t lead to achievements. Learn how to create a meaningful To-Do list that triggers action with little extra effort.
  • Delegate for success

    Getting stuck with tasks, working overtime and postponing deadlines are not the only ways to attain your goals. Learn the secret to successfully delegate in order to increase your productivity and help your colleagues to step up.
  • Thrive in a distracted world

    In a 24 hour connected world, being on autopilot becomes the norm. Increase your self-control and performance by developing the right habits for managing distractions.
  • Discover your best self

    Fulfilling one’s full potential is the journey of a lifetime. Explore ways to design the best version of yourself and take the first steps towards making that vision a reality.
  • The two paths to a happier you

    Self-awareness is the cornerstone of all self-improvement endeavours. Forge a deeper connection with yourself and become more mindful with the help of two science-backed techniques.
  • Daily habits for success

    Everyday choices and decisions make all the difference between thriving and struggling. Make sure that your daily habits help you stay at the top of your game, but also conserve your energy for the long run.
  • Authentic relationships

    All thriving relationships start with an initial connection. Discover the tools and techniques to connect more easily with others and lay the foundations of authentic collaboration.
  • What do customers really want?

    The traditional selling approach loses ground as customers seek thoughtful and worthwhile interactions with frontline staff. Discover what the consultant’s mindset is all about and how it can make customers fall in love with your brand.
  • The formula for delighting customers

    The majority of customers consider their experience with a brand as the most important factor in their buying decision. Learn how to deliver WOW with every interaction and turn customers into loyal guests.
  • The art of conversation

    The quality of our relationships stems from the quality of our daily conversations. Navigate different communication styles and discover how to convey your message effectively.
  • Turn the tragic into magic

    While no business is immune to making customers unhappy, the way your employees handle difficult moments makes the difference between losing a customer and winning a loyal guest. Learn a simple three-step process to turn complaints into positive stories.

Discover how Moonstar helped a European leading bakery business save €39,250 in onboarding costs and accelerate the development of a large team of middle managers

Food retail is a highly competitive industry, burdened by a constantly shrinking pool of qualified workers and high turnover rates. Faced with these challenges and looking for ways to increase early retention of front line staff as well as build solid managerial skills across its line managers, this leading bakery chain partnered with Moonstar to leverage learning as the main strategy. The results of a 4-month learning journey are telling:
  • €39,2500 in saved onboarding costs through higher retention of new employees
  • 450% increase in time spent learning
  • 66% reduction in time spent in the classroom
  • 96% of learners said the program positively impacted their collaboration and performance
  • The program was among the Top 3 best initiatives of the company that year
You can read the full case study here.

  • We chose Moonstar and the blended learning micro modular approach through which our colleagues could access the theory in Moonstar’s digital platform anytime, anywhere, on their mobile phones. We then brought them to a classroom setting to embed the learning, reducing total classroom time to a third.
    Roccos, CEO @Ana Pan
  • With other suppliers, we were just one of thousands of clients, so if we had a request, it would obviously get nowhere. But this year, since we’ve been using Moonstar, the team offered their support whenever we needed to get things done, and the initiative has become much more bespoke to what I wanted and to what the teachers at Transylvania College wanted.
  • Moonstar helped us deliver better quality and more relevant training at scale. The impact on our first-time managers was noticeable within the first week. The challenges embedded in the platform through which they had to apply the concepts in real life were highly valuable. Moreover, the Moonstar platform is superbly designed with the user in mind. I highly recommend it.


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