Moonstar’s highly interactive and user-friendly platform is centered around providing learners and trainers with an efficient and engaging user experience.

Moonstar makes learning engaging and easy. With a deep understanding of learning strategy, curriculum design and immersive technologies, we help you turn competencies into new habits and build a community of enthusiastic learners. From effective user administration and seamless course creation to meaningful engagement nudges and customized analytics reports, Moonstar’s Experiential Learning Platform frees up your time to focus on creating and delivering impactful learning experiences.

Unlock your people’s potential and keep training costs under control anytime, anywhere.

Accelerate your employees' performance with impactful learning

With a high level of flexibility and customization, digital learning can greatly impact your business performance.


Effective Learner Management

Create your own organizational architecture on Moonstar LXP. Choose from five different roles and assign courses, get analytics reports and create learning communities for each of your audiences.

Seamless Course Creation

Moonstar LXP is designed around microlearning to minimize your learners’ time and maximize impact. Create engaging content easily by mixing interactive videos with inspirational articles, web content and images for compelling learning experiences. Everything in a single course creation area.

Personalized Employee Experience

Learning is most effective in familiar settings. Tailor Moonstar LXP your way - add your own logo and colors to reflect your brand identity and suit your audiences’ specific needs.

Social and Informal Learning

Combat the forgetting curve by facilitating meaningful conversations between your learners. Create communities centered around topics of interests and encourage learners to share and learn from each other via posts, announcements or course discussions.

Powerful Gamification

Turn learning into a daily habit and use gamification to add a layer of healthy competition in your organization. Incentivize your employees to learn through badges and social recognition.

Webinars and Live Classes

Connect instructors with learners remotely via live streaming events and webcasts and record interactions for later use.

Seamless Integration

Connect Moonstar with other third party systems such as Google Drive, Analytics, Dropbox, Vimeo, Salesforce CRM, Shopify, Wordpress, Zen Desk and many more.

  • Yan, Program Manager @ YPO
    Moonstar is particularly intuitive, visually attractive and very easy to use. Our participants in the YPO London Business School Negotiation program thoroughly enjoyed the program.
    Yan, Program Manager @ YPO
  • It was hard for us to bring teams together for in-classroom training. With Moonstar, our employees can log in anytime and learn at their own pace. Their content on Management Essentials and Customer Service has proven invaluable for our new middle managers team.
    Cristina, Learning & Development Specialist @ Mega Image
  • Moonstar has helped our employees better understand our policies and procedures through their easy to use platform. Being able to make our training more interactive and lively has helped our employees better learn the material and leave a lasting impression in their daily work life. We have received a lot of positive feedback from employees who have expressed their eagerness to use the platform. It is not only easy to navigate as a student, but as a creator as well. Customer service is also clearly important to them as I am able to reach Moonstar Support Team any time with questions and they get back to me right away. I highly recommend the use of Moonstar for training purposes!            
    Rebecca, Human Resources Lead @ Kids & Company
  • We chose Moonstar and the blended learning micro modular approach through which our colleagues could access the theory in Moonstar’s digital platform anytime, anywhere, on their mobile phones. We then brought them to a classroom setting to embed the learning, reducing total classroom time to a third.
    Roccos, CEO @Ana Pan

Accelerate your employees' performance with impactful learning